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Business Training - Lecturing

Potential Topics

  • Purchasing Portfolio and Vendor Relation Management
  • Manage Risks - Business and Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Strategic sourcing -  Key to future competitiveness !
  • Reduce your Time to Market by reducing lead-times
  • Get into the mind of your Vendors - Understand better their way of thinking !
  • How to improve supply chain capacity in order to meet demand and delivery flexibility
  • Clever Purchasing ways to bring Innovation and Technology from the market into your business
  • Improve visibility & predictability in the supply chain
  • Make or Buy decision in 6 assessment steps - Optimal shoring - Outsourcing
  • Successful Supplier Relation Management - Improve your Supplier performance & efficiency
  • Strategic Cost Analyse and Reductions by Purchasing - Reducing Product Cost and increase profitability
  • Get into the mind of the Buyers - for Sales professionals !

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The 5 step Risk Management Process
The 5 step Risk Management Process
The 5 step Risk management process for business, procurement and supply chain