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 Interim Management



We Offer Solutions to hurdle Management Struggles

Purchasing/Procurement strategy definition

Supply Chain Risk Management

Time to Market - Reducing lead-times

Capacity to meet demand - Delivery flexibility

Improve Influx of Innovation - Cooperative R&D Partnerships

Technology & Supplier scouting, -selection, -contracting

Visibility & predictability in the supply chain

Make or Buy - Optimal shoring - Outsourcing

Working capital reduction

Supplier performance & efficiency improvement

Skilled and Lean Talent

Product cost and profitability

Adequate IT systems & Real time data

Efficient supply chain structure

Practical trainings & Advanced topic lecturing


SLIM - Senior and Lean Interim Management offers a wide range of expertise to help your innovative business manage and reduce costs so you can become operationally more efficient and increase your specific knowledge from operational cost perspective (Direct or In-Direct)
We understand that efficiency and cost control are important aspect of running a successful business and we are committed in to help you to increase efficiencies and knowledge in strategic and tactical ways. Whether it's overhauling your procurement/purchasing and supplier processes, identifying quality issues or implementing lean and strategic management principles, we can provide customized solutions specifically tailored to the needs of your business.
Together we work to optimize your business performance, ROI and achieve sustainable success.

We help you stand out